Solo exhibition launch at New Ashgate Gallery

Back in October last year I was lucky enough to be selected to exhibit at the Farnham Maltings Festival Of Crafts. At the festival, I was delighted to be selected as ‘the most exciting maker’ by the New Ashgate Gallery team. My prize was a solo exhibition to be held this year at the gallery,Continue reading “Solo exhibition launch at New Ashgate Gallery”

Summer Studio Life

The long summer days have been quieter for me in the studio, re-grouping after trade shows in the first part of the year, packing up gallery orders secured at said shows and planning for the second half of the year before it gets really busy in the run up to Christmas. During this time itContinue reading “Summer Studio Life”

Craft Collaborations

We hear daily about the economic crisis deepening, budgets tightening and funds for the arts being slashed. And I am sure many other artists will know working alone in your studio can be lonely sometimes; it can be difficult to get the creative juices flowing on a dark foggy day in March. Considering all ofContinue reading “Craft Collaborations”

The key to your heart?

This week with it being Valentines Day my key necklaces became metaphors for love, a key given as a gift between lovers is considered a symbol of unlocking the door to the heart. It is believed that the giver will be lucky in love. However keys hold many other meanings as well, so I thoughtContinue reading “The key to your heart?”

Frozen Charlottes

After finding a tiny white china doll inside an old glass jar at the bottom of a box in an antique shop I was compelled to find out what this little doll was and where it had come from. After completing some research I found out what I had come across was a ‘Frozen Charlotte’Continue reading “Frozen Charlottes”

Searching for Inspiration in the snow

Well here it is my first post of 2013! I have had a little break after Christmas to apply for lots of opportunities later in the year. Now I am back into the swing of making in my studio, Firstly Happy New Year, I hope it is a wonderful year for everyone. This week IContinue reading “Searching for Inspiration in the snow”


I have been part of Project Network 2012 at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research centre in Demark for the past four weeks. It has been a fantastic experience so far; I have enjoyed the opportunity to study with other Ceramic makers from all around the world. As a group of eight makers from five countries weContinue reading “Guldagergaard.”

Put it on your life list, the list you have of all the things you must do

This week I had a talk from Nina Hole one of the founders of Guldgardergard ceramic research centre where I am currently part of a residency called Project Network. What an inspiring woman, she has lead such an amazing life and has such an infectious passion for ceramics! I felt totally invigorated after listening toContinue reading “Put it on your life list, the list you have of all the things you must do”