I have been part of Project Network 2012 at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research centre in Demark for the past four weeks. It has been a fantastic experience so far; I have enjoyed the opportunity to study with other Ceramic makers from all around the world. As a group of eight makers from five countries we are producing sculptural, conceptual and functional wares, sharing skills in hand building, potting, and mould making. Working towards producing a piece of work for an exhibition in two weeks at the AppleHouse gallery here at Guldag6ergaard after which it will be display at the Grimmerhus museum of international ceramic Art. Below are a few pictures of the house, some tests for my installation and a couple of other makers at Project Network.



Glaze tests


Me in my studio space


Ben carter.


Caroline Allen.

Published by Katherine Lees

A designer maker specialising in ceramics, mixed with textiles and metal.

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