New Bee Collection

In early 2017 I became the owner of my first outdoor space, and I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed at the task of turning an empty concrete yard into a blooming garden. However I was determined to create a space to be proud of.  Three months (a lot of hard work and bags of soil) later, multiple pots and barrels were laden with shrubs, climbers and general plants.

The last thing to add was a tiny wooden bee house I picked up in the local supermarket. I was sceptical any bees would come and live in this little wooden house but I popped it on the garden fence near some flowers and hoped for the best.

2nd bee pic

Only two weeks later I saw a bee flying around the tubes, much to my delight the bee was sleeping in one of the tubes at night and filling the holes with pollen from the plants by day! At the end of 2017 I was the proud owner of three tubes capped off with mud, filled with pollen and baby bees!

bee house

Fast forward to spring of 2018, two of the three tubes hatched out, and multiple bees spent the summer buzzing around our plants. Heading towards the end of summer, this year I am happy to report we have four new tubes capped off  (and the one left over from last year.)

smaller bee group

I was completely enchanted by the power of nature; this inspired me to design a new bee collection of screen printed vessels (seen above.)

Each piece has a honey colour applied to the surface using a silk screen making every one completely unique. The final touch is the sweeps of gold, hand painted onto the rims before they complete their third and final firing in the kiln.

The collection comprises of ring pots, planters, bottles and vases. To shop now click here.

Images all by Yeshen Venema (except bee house- artists own.) All images subject to copy write.

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