The Liverpool Biennial

This weekend I ventured over to Liverpool to have a look at the Biennial  taking place until the 25th November 2012. The Biennial mainly celebrates fine art, while my interests lie more in the craft/ design element of art I thought it would be interesting to explore the work on display to broaden my interests and inspiration. One piece that stood out was ‘Refraction’ by Jorge Macchi, at first it seemed rather pointless however once understood I found it clever and unexpected. Macchi  has designed an environment that plays with the unexpected occurrence of being suddenly immersed in a pool of water, using metal rods displayed around a room where the walls are painted two tones of grey.

I also popped into the blue coats display centre to have a look at some of my fellow craft makers 🙂 My favourites included Steve Dixon’s large colourfully decorated porcelain slab built pots and Jennifer Collier’s delicate paper structures. Lovely stuff!

‘Once the object stops being defined by its function, its meaning is entirely up to the subject.’ Baudrillard 1994

Well here it is, my very first blog post! I thought I might as well start with a few things that inspire me…. old things, pattern and surface texture, superstition, charms, labels, vintage, repetition, miniatures, text, stories. I am fascinated by our relationship with objects and the narrative this reveals, with this in mind I am inspired by anything that isn’t defined by its function. These objects can mean so much more to us because there value comes from meaning, meaning we attach over the course of our lives.